Pain Relief, Emmett, Massage, Reflexology and Healing

 Backache? Stiff joints?Headaches?

Sciatica? Neck pain? Sore shoulders? Replaced Joints?


Loosen up joints, reduce pain, move more freely, deeply relax

"I feel taller, looser and much more relaxed" KS Massage

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EMMETT Technique

Emmett Therapy Zena Hayward

Reduces pain and increases movement.


Treatment First Session 4 in 4 weeks*
Massage and Emmett (pain) £50.00 £120 (30ea)

Save £80

Massage. Aroma. Deep. Nurturing.  £50.00  £120 (30ea)

Save £80

Emmett £45.00 £100.00 (25ea)

Save £80

Reflexology £35.00 £80.00 (20ea)

Save £60

Healing £35.00 £80.00 (20ea)

Save £60

*Conditions Apply.

Regular clients.

Reduced price for pre paid sessions, minimum 4 sessions taken over 4 months.

Reduced price for monthly treatment by standing order payment.

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