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Reflexology is a blissful foot massage that can:-

  • have your mind clear and at peace,
  • reduce stress
  • reduce headaches and migraine *
  • improve your sleep
  • reduce back pain *
  • encourage healing
  • in cancer treatment "provide relief from pain, nausea and anxiety" *
  • reduce pain
  • soften your feet and relieve painful feet - feel like you are walking on cushions

Reflexology is a soothing massage of your feet that has a relaxing effect on your whole body and has been shown to improve health. Using specific foot reflexes the therapist is able to influence your body. Some clients can even tell me exactly where I am working!

Your 'reflex' points on the feet are specifically massaged, linked up and held.  Pressure can be light, medium or deep - I am trained in multiple methods of treating.

Testimonial and video of reflexology treatment at the bottom of this page.

Your treatment.

I will ask you how you would like to feel after the session - try thinking of three words eg "relaxed" "calm" "happy" for us to use as a focus during the session.

Music is chosen to match your outcome, you can ask for ultra relaxing, sea sounds, classical, with or without vocals etc.

You will relax more if your phone is on silent or turned off during the treatment to avoid disturbance.

After the session you will be asked to walk about the room, this will help get your blood pumping again and help you wake up for a safe drive home. Pay attention to your body and notice 3 things that feel different - what has the treatment done to help you feel better?

Your session lasts for one hour.


Foot massage has been a therapeutic treatment for thousands of years and is depicted in an ancient Egyptian wall painting shown. Books written in the 1500's called this "zone therapy", it became unpopular with the European 'witch hunts' and consequently died out until the 1900's.


Maternity Reflexology

Maternity reflexology
Reflexology for mum and baby


Reflexology during pregnancy

Reflexology is very safe to have during pregnancy and is wonderful to cope with all the physical changes your body will be going through.


My training includes  Maternity Reflexology developed by midwife Suzanne Enzer.


Reflexology during pregnancy

A top London Doctor, Dr Gowri Motha of "The Gentle Birth Method" specifically recommends reflexology for pregnancy - her website Maternity Reflexology page is HERE.

Dr Motha has published research that I have summarised below.

"It was discovered that the effects of Reflexology on labour outcomes were outstanding.

Outcomes for mothers receiving Reflexology in the study

Normal Deliveries 89.0%
Inductions 5.4%
Forceps 2.7%
Elective Caesarian Section 2.7%
Emergency Caesarian Section 5.4%
Immunological Stress 8.1 % (13.0% in Newham District)
In a separate study in an antenatal clinic, Dr. Motha had found that weekly Reflexology treatments of between 30 to 45 minutes normalised hypertension, avoiding the usual hospital admittance for 48 hours’ rest and observation."

Although the NHS does employ reflexologists (and masseurs) none are currently employed in the James Paget Hospital.

I have had 4 children myself and found reflexology beneficial. It helped me relax and feel much more in-tune with my body.

With 3 out of 4 of my babies I had reflexology treatment during the pregnancy and developed no medical problems, all babies were born between 37 and 40 weeks. Despite a consultant keen to perform caesareans on 3 of the pregnancies all babies were born without surgery.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your pregnancy before booking.


Reflexology Demo

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