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DIY shoulder Massage

Self Massage of tight back and shoulder muscles.


  1. DUSIEC - Neck and Shoulder tapping Massager, haunch massager , buttock massager, relax yourself when you tire 
    by DUSIEC 

I have one of these and have been using it for several years - still going strong. This is a percussion massager (thumper) and has many different settings.

DIY massager





2. Tennis balls and a wall.

Dig into tight muscles with a couple of tennis balls. Just lean into a wall and use the ball to work into your muscles.

Start with 2 minute massages and be cautious. It is easy to get carried away and bruise muscles they they will hurt for a few days. Keep your back parallel to the wall to aviod straining your back.


Headspace meditation free app


Fantastic meditation app.


Comes with 10 free 10 minute lessons that cover the basics of meditation. Available on iphone and android, there are more paid meditations available if you choose to buy.

I have listened to the 10 basic classes and they are excellent.

Headspace website here. Opens in a new tab.


Yoga with Adrianne Ytube

Yoga with Adiranne. American teacher who has uploaded over 200 yoga lessons. This beginners class is only 20 minutes long and has excellent loosening up of the neck and shoulders.


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