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Reflexology and Massage Testimonial

"Best massage I ever had"


Massage testimonial for severe back pain.

Reduction in pain and increase in movement.

Emmett testimonial for severe back pain.

Reduction in pain and increase in movement.

Testimonial from a salon owner (masseur)

"My body feels taller, lighter, it feels fantastic (massage)"

Deep Tissue Massage Testimonial

"Feels amazing" (Massage)

Massage Testimonial

"Better than I have felt in a long time" (Massage)

Reflexology testimonial

Reflexology testimonial

" Reduced my stress from 10/10 to 4/10. I feel much better in myself" Jw 2009

" I felt heat flowing through my body" WR 2008

" Wonderful - really very calming" JL 2008

" Lovely" 2007 HG

" Aches and pains just went" DI 1998

" Like being in another world" VC 2008

"( back pain) " Has improved no end" MP 2008

" After you have been I always feel fantastic" JW 2009

" I feel alot better now I needed that" SB 2009

" Thanks, i can actually move my shoulder - could not do that before" DW 2010

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Melbourne House Hotel

Zena was Heaven sent!! We run business in North Walsham which provides treatments for our guests & customers. We engaged with Zena on a temporary basis to fill in some treatments for us and she was wonderful. Zena stepped in at VERY short notice to help, and was the most professional individual I have come accross for many years. Our guests and Customers were overwhelmed with the service and quality they received. One Lady having been all over the world and experienced treatments saying that Zena provided the best massage she had every had. Zena was outstanding and easy to work with, her quality of product and her service attitude with customer is second to none. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any establishment and would certainly engage with her again myself if the need arose. Managing Director KETRA Holdings


" well gone" BW 2008

"You have done a brilliant job today... I can really feel the difference" CW 2007

"you have worked wonders with me " MW 2006

" Feels better- you've got good hands, you have " MW 2006

" Takes all the tension away" AW 2008

" Completely different- no longer agitated and much more relaxed" CN 2006

" Muscles do feel a little looser and they will do a little more of what i want them to" JG 2007

"Wow! My whole body feels soft all over" SJ 2011

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(no aromatherapy oils)

" my spine usually creaks and cracks - none now and it feels really good"

" massage helps alot with pain" HG 2003

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" Most relaxed i have felt for a long time 2 BN 2008

" Hit every button, lovely, fantstic " BN 2008

"I felt that I let go of something" JA 2011

"Very powerful" JA 2011

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One comment on “Testimonials

  1. What a wonderful experience my sister and I had when we visited you for our massages.

    WOW!! I do so wish we lived near you.

    My sister has been a different person since her visit. Walking more upright, without her walking stick. Totally different in her outlook and how she feels in herself.

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