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Reflexology Research Back Pain

Reflexology & Back Pain


A study conducted at the Hospital of Beijing College of Languages investigated the effect of reflexology treatment on acute lower back pain. Twenty patients between the ages of 35 and 55, all of whom were teachers or office workers, and suffering from lower back strain participated in the study.

The reflex points on the patients’ feet were treated for a maximum of ten treatments and the results analysed. All of the patients reported that the treatment had effectively eliminated their pain; 5 of the patients obtained complete relief after only one treatment, 10 after 3 to 4 treatments and a further 5 after 5 to 7 treatments. No analgesics or other medications were used throughout the course of treatments.

Although a small scale study, it adds to the growing body of evidence confirming that reflexology has extensive therapeutic value beyond the realms of mere relaxation and stress management.

Xiao Zhenge, Hospital of Beijing College of Languages Reflexology Research Reports 2nd Edn. Compiled by K Walker. Association of Reflexologists.

See the research site Internet Health Library – listing Reflexology Research on Back Pain

Liver reflex

Reflexology improves constipation – Research

Reflexologists have been treating constipation for many years and now some research backs up the benefits of the treatment. Reflexology really does ‘help you go’.

The research is a pilot study (small study) on a group of 19 women with ongoing constipation and they had treatment for 6 weeks.  A whopping 94% showed improvement in bowel function :-

  • 53% reduced anxiety
  • 58% alleviated depression symptoms
  • 94% had improved bowl movements

Read the report here.


Refelxology for Menopause

Research shows reflexology works

Telegraph article October 2014.


This national newspaper is reporting on a study by Sterling University on the physical effects of reflexology.

The Study.

The university hooked up people to monitoring equipment and had their feet massaged. Some had a reflexology session working the heart and some had a heel massage. The results showed that the ‘real’ treatment changed the action of the heart. This shows that reflexology does have an effect on the body – reflexology works.


After several thousand years science has finally caught up!!

Read The Telegraph Article here.


Read the original published paper here.