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Clothed Massage

Massage with extra modesty!

Say what, clothed massage?

Yes you can have a full body massage whilst fully clothed!

Light clothing, leggings for ladies or light jersey lounge pants for men with a T shirt are the perfect wear for a clothed massage. 


Deep tissue. This massage using deep pressure including elbows is easy to receive through clothes. Indeed some of my advanced training in deep tissue work was originally taught through clothes. Loosening up knots and releasing tight neck and shoulders can all be achieved with clothed deep tissue massage.

Structural Release Massage. A massage to open up the structure/joints of the body that will have you getting up from the couch feeling taller and so much looser. Making a stiff back flexible again, opening up the spine to relieve sciatic pain and giving loose and fluid shoulders.

Nurturing Massage. This is a massage with a loving and gentle touch, no deep tissue (it has to hurt to work) here. Includes dreamy music and a soothing touch that works into the 'softness' of the body rather than digging into the hardness of the tight muscles. By creating a sense of nurturing the body relaxes all by itself and clients have been very surprised at the deep state of relaxation and well-being they achieve.

Aromatherapy. Not with massage oils, however I atomise essential oils into the air to be absorbed by the lungs and passed around the body. The oils I use will depend on how you want to feel after the massage.


My Training.

Advanced massage training with the No Hands™ group taught me clothed massage on a standard massage couch. Includes deep tissue, structural release, transformational and nurturing forms.

Shiatsu. I have completed an intensive basic practitioner training course in Shiatsu with Zen Shiatsu in London - always through clothes. Balancing the body energies through pressure and touch, includes releasing the joints through stretching.

Chair Massage. I hold a chair massage certificate - all done through clothes using a specially designed massage chair.