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Advertising Standards for holistic therapies

What can holisitic therapies acutally prove?

What can be said on the website regarding how therapies can help is very restricted by the Advertising Standards Authority. Since 2011 therapists are unable to claim to do any more than relax, improve general well-being and lower stress.


The ASA wants to see double blind trials with a placebo control, the kind that pharmaceutical companies spend millions on then rake the money back by charging high fees for their drugs. Since most therapy groups are not in the multi million pound league of the big pharma companies this evidence is not available.


So I may have treated many people over the last 20+ years for the same problem and helped them but I cannot tell anyone.

So I may have a treatment that will help a specific problem but without a double blind placebo controlled trial I cannot tell anyone.

ASA states "marketers may claim that aromatherapy products and massage can be used for beauty, relaxation or "feel good” purposes but should not claim medicinal or health benefits beyond those stated above. "

I have had a therapy that has greatly helped the symptoms from a head injury, eg slight tremor in left hand - but the person treating me cannot tell anyone......

Even where trials have taken place with positive results in a NHS hospital this cannot be referred to as I am not allowed to reference specific medical conditions.

The best I can do is add to my blog the research summaries that do exist.

I cannot say that aromatherapy oils that have anti bacterial components could be anti bacterial, I cannot say ..(sorry cannot tell you).


Treatments may help you relax and reduce stress.

You may experience a sense of well-being.

Any relief from muscle pain may be temporary....

5 Natural Ways to help in the colds and flu season

Use the 5 tips below to help you get through the winter bugs with more comfort.

1. Drink water. It is very important to keep hydrated so drink more water than usual, if you do not drink water then this is the time to start. Runny noses and sweating reduces the fluid in the body more than usual. Add a dash of lemon juice or cider vinegar if you need a little taste. Remember – coffee is not water, tea is not water, squash is not water………

2. Wash your hands and beware of public door handles, shopping trolleys etc. Keep your hands away from your face when out and about to avoid rubbing in the latest cold when you scratch your nose. Be kind to others and when you are sick carry a hand sanitiser, lots of tissues.

3. Have a bottle of eucalyptus oil to help keep your nasal passages clear, this oil is also very good to clear the head and help you think more clearly. Lemon oil is fantastic to kill off pathogens in the air and smells lovely so sprinkle some on a tissue and keep it nearby or use an atomiser, lemon will reduce the chances of you catching a bug from others. (I like UK Freshskin for this – available uk on ebay, amazon and their own website, 100ml bottles at excellent prices). You do not need the expensive organic oils for this use.

4. Learn the pressure point tapping routine that Donna Eden has compiled and she shows on Ytube. It takes just a few minutes (less than 4) daily and is a great pick me up when you are ill as well as helping keeping you healthy at other times.

5. Stroke your lymph. Easy move is as follows.

Put your index fingers at the point of your chin, stroke along your jaw line to behind your ear. From the dip behind your earlobe slide down the channel in your neck ending at the inner part of the collar bone. Do this five times. Then massage down your armpit towards your chest five times. This will help keep the lymph channels flowing and reduce congestion.

Keep healthy.

I also offer a lymphatic massage routine that is designed to keep the whole body lymphatic system in tip top condition. It is relaxing and perks you up at the same time! If you are feeling sluggish after illness this is a very refreshing treatment to get you back on your feet. In Australia this lymphatic treatment is recommended by a hospital to cancer patients to help reduce the side effects of treatment.




New testimonial back pain improves

Massage for a back injury

can be very beneficial, reducing the pain and improving movement. Before treating anyone with a back injury/pain there is a careful assessment to clarify the nature of the injury to ensure that I can improve and not irritate the injury. During the session clients and therapist will communicate regarding the depth of the ongoing massage.
If I have any concerns regarding the back pain clients will be advised to consult another professional and if appropriate a trip to A&E!