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New testimonial back pain improves

Massage for a back injury

can be very beneficial, reducing the pain and improving movement. Before treating anyone with a back injury/pain there is a careful assessment to clarify the nature of the injury to ensure that I can improve and not irritate the injury. During the session clients and therapist will communicate regarding the depth of the ongoing massage.
If I have any concerns regarding the back pain clients will be advised to consult another professional and if appropriate a trip to A&E!


Warm massage and reflexology

warm therapiesNow winter is really here and it is important to keep clients warm and toasty on the couch. (I went for a massage in January 2016 and the room was unheated – I froze!)


Your session with Zena Hayward Therapies has a heated couch and a warm room, even better the massage oil is also heated in hot water for total luxury. Of course the towels are also pre heated for an extra snuggle factor.

So book now and send away the winter chills.   01493 732395 or use the contact form.



Holiday Massage Great Yarmouth

Start your holiday in Norfolk with a rejuvenating massage at Scratby, Great Yarmouth with a treatment tailored just for you….

Choose from

Leg Massage Scratby Norfolk
Leg Massage Scratby Norfolk

-> Deep Tissue to really ‘feel’ the massage

-> Aromatherapy for heavenly scented medicinal oils

-> Structural Release for changing stiff joints into flexibilty

-> Nurturing for recovery from illness, accident or surgery..


Contact me now to start your holiday off in the best possible way.

Treat yourself with one of the most highly trained therapists in Norfolk.

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01493 732395


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Refelxology for Menopause

Reflexology for deep relaxation

One benefit of being very flexible is the ability to ‘do’ my own feet. An hour of bliss with a warm soft touch, easing all the tight bits, soft touch here, firm there – some healing and Taoist healing sounds and my body felt like a cushion afterwards. Remarkable how reflexology can make such a difference to the muscles and nerves of the body!


To feel soft and relaxed all over contact me today. Reflexology demonstration video on my website now so you can see for yourself a custom firm pressure session.