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Migraine on Radio 4

Interviewed this week for Radio 4 regarding migraine and its effects on life.

Am now a ‘migraine interviewee’ for the Migraine Trust to be contacted for interviews on radio, papers or TV! They wanted someone articulate who can describe migraine effects, treatments and discuss attitudes of doctors and NHS when needed. Debut was this week on Radio 4, fame at last!

Whilst not a typical migrainer as head  problems started with a head injury/brain swelling, having run the gauntlet of GP, multiple neurologists, lots of holistic therapy and finally treatment with one on the country’s (if not world’s) best neurologists Peter Goadsby – I now know a phenomenal amount about migraine and treatments.

A local medical specialist said to me “you know more about migraine than I do”.

If you need advice regarding migraine drop me a line and will be very happy to offer advice.