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Tea tree in flower

Acne and Aromatherapy

Acne is a common and unsightly skin condition, so how can aromatherapy work?


  • The essential oils are antiseptic and anti inflammatory – after all they are the plant’s medical centre!
  • Used daily I have found them to be as effective as prescription creams
  • They smell good – always nice to have around


Oils to use.

Lavender is popular however some people will have a breakout from using lavender ………………….

Tea Tree very antiseptic and has a very strong smell , good for infected acne

Ravensara similar to tea tree and with a more subtle fragrance, can be used neat on the skin

Geranium – great for the skin

Lemon – lovely smell and only use when not going into the sun for a few days as this will make your skin burn easily (photo toxic). Use organic as citrus are one of the most highly sprayed fruits on the essential oil market.


With all oils the key is to find a balance between what works for the individual and how they react to the smell. My son is fine with lavender oil and will happily splash it on neat but does not like other more woody oils. If you react to lavender do not use it try ravensara instead.

Simply put the essential oils into a base cream (simple lotion or E45) or oil (not baby oil, try coconut) and apply twice daily.

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