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Healthy gut healthy life

The health of your gut.
Research is becoming popular on the link between the gut and many other health problems  – so what is it all about?

Gut Summary.

Your digestive system has lots of bacteria that helps digest food, hence the prevalence of pro biotic yoghurt and drinks to boost your natural system.

Research now shows that this bacteria is so important that it is the equivalent to having another major organ in the body, even the appendix has now changed from a useless organ to a repository of important bacteria.

The bacteria…..
Digests food
Produces essential body chemicals
Is a major component in depression
Is linked to brain degeneration in elderly
Is a component in autism

When the bacteria is out of balance then all sorts of medical conditions from MS, depression to autism are associated with this.

Cultures that have healthy gut bacteria have much lower rates of ‘western’ illnesses.

To find out more there are several books now published for the general public the book below is a good place to start.
“Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain – for Life”


Holistic therapies can help heal your body and get you in balance, always remember that this is your body and you are the king or queen of it! The commands made regarding food, drink

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human gut