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1 Easy way to have a happier life and lift depression

This tip is so simple! When working with clients the difference is very clear between those to practice this exercise and those who do not.

Practice this easy exercise and:-

You will look ‘brighter’ to other people

You will smile more easily

Adrenalin production is reduced – stress levels down, hooray!

Happy endorphins are produced – free happy drugs.


This tip is – SMILE at yourself 20 times a day in a mirror.

Easy easy. Just catch your own eye in a mirror and smile at yourself as though meeting someone you like.


Research done in Europe (that I cannot find anywhere, saw this research in another persons paper) showed that this practice is as effective in relieving symptoms of mid to mild depression as drugs.

5 Ways to reduce stress

5 ways to reduce stress
Chill out time

Everybody encounters events that will put your stress levels up. The clever part is to prevent health problems resulting from this by preventing the stress from becoming dis-stress. Try these tips and let me know how you get on…

1. Be present in the moment. Research shows that the vast majority of stressful thoughts are regarding events that do not happen. Do a reality check and be in the present time – not worrying about what could happen in the future. This is a different mental attitude to having an action plan set out for when events do not go your way.

2. Take a walk in nature. Go to a park or walk in the country, breathe in the air and appreciate the wonders of the planet we all live on. 20 minutes at lunch time will reduce excessive adrenalin, lower blood pressure and increase concentration.

Yoga for health
Strong and relaxed


3. Take an exercise class or do a yoga/tai chi dvd at home. Exercise is great to alleviate stress – go for a relaxing class not a full on manic jump about to reduce stress. Games like squash and classes like Zumba increase adenalin not reduce it.




4. Get some ‘me’ time. Taking time out to recharge your batteries is essential for long term health. Do something that you love, listen to favourate music (happy stuff not doom and gloom thrash metal or broken heart themes). If you cannot get to do things you love then just remember an event that you had a wonderful expierence with. Sit down and shut your eyes, recall the sounds, smells, what you saw, who was there as if it is all happening right now.

Relaxing massage reduces stress
Relax with massage today


5. Have a massage. Get your nerves and muscles soothed and let all your cares float away. Most therapists will also have package deals and reduced terms for regular clients. If you like your feet rubbed – have reflexology. The deep relaxation of a theraputic session is wonderful to re-balance and keep you healthy.





Have fun with the suggestions and post comments. If you would like to contact me directly please use the contact form.