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On Site Massage JLL Norwich

Treat your staff here!

James Lang LaSalle in Norwich are now having Chair massage for their staff, and the staff loved it! Some came back on my second day and had two treatments as they loved it so much! Thanks to all clients and organizers – I had a great time as well.

On Site Massage Great Yarmouth

The lucky men and women of Igenus in Great Yarmouth won a productivity award – Me!!  Chair massage for the staff.  Shoulders looser and lots of “I feel so much more relaxed now comments”.

Wonderful day for both staff and therapist fully funded by the company.

Reflexology – free foot diagnosis

This is an interesting article on your feet – take a look….


“Sometimes, you don’t have to go out and see your doctor to know if you are in good health or not. You just have to be a little observant about your body. In fact, just by just taking a peek on your feet, you can actually detect health problems ranging from nutritional deficiencies to diabetes. Here are 20 things that your feet might have been telling you about for so long:”


Read the full article here (opens in a new tab):