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5 Natural Ways to help in the colds and flu season

Use the 5 tips below to help you get through the winter bugs with more comfort.

1. Drink water. It is very important to keep hydrated so drink more water than usual, if you do not drink water then this is the time to start. Runny noses and sweating reduces the fluid in the body more than usual. Add a dash of lemon juice or cider vinegar if you need a little taste. Remember – coffee is not water, tea is not water, squash is not water………

2. Wash your hands and beware of public door handles, shopping trolleys etc. Keep your hands away from your face when out and about to avoid rubbing in the latest cold when you scratch your nose. Be kind to others and when you are sick carry a hand sanitiser, lots of tissues.

3. Have a bottle of eucalyptus oil to help keep your nasal passages clear, this oil is also very good to clear the head and help you think more clearly. Lemon oil is fantastic to kill off pathogens in the air and smells lovely so sprinkle some on a tissue and keep it nearby or use an atomiser, lemon will reduce the chances of you catching a bug from others. (I like UK Freshskin for this – available uk on ebay, amazon and their own website, 100ml bottles at excellent prices). You do not need the expensive organic oils for this use.

4. Learn the pressure point tapping routine that Donna Eden has compiled and she shows on Ytube. It takes just a few minutes (less than 4) daily and is a great pick me up when you are ill as well as helping keeping you healthy at other times.

5. Stroke your lymph. Easy move is as follows.

Put your index fingers at the point of your chin, stroke along your jaw line to behind your ear. From the dip behind your earlobe slide down the channel in your neck ending at the inner part of the collar bone. Do this five times. Then massage down your armpit towards your chest five times. This will help keep the lymph channels flowing and reduce congestion.

Keep healthy.

I also offer a lymphatic massage routine that is designed to keep the whole body lymphatic system in tip top condition. It is relaxing and perks you up at the same time! If you are feeling sluggish after illness this is a very refreshing treatment to get you back on your feet. In Australia this lymphatic treatment is recommended by a hospital to cancer patients to help reduce the side effects of treatment.




5 Ways to help chronic pain

Chronic pain turns the body into a hostile and uncomfortable space that you have little choice to reside in! So what can you do to make your life more comfortable?


1. BREATHE! Chronic pain results in shallow breath, this then reduces waste elimination (through the lungs), reduces oxygen available to the cells to grow and repair. The book and audio below is a great place to find out more, when you buy the book there are details of where to get the (free) audio that goes with it. Shallow breath also signals to the body that there is danger and puts your stress hormones up!

The Healing Power of the Breath: Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Enhance Concentration, and Balance…

17 Sep 2012

2. RELAX. Want your body to stop feeling like a war zone? Learn to relax the muscles, there are so many ways available here are my favorites.
Paul Mckenna does some great hypno audio and is easily available. Go for a relaxation cd or mp3 download, some come with books . He has a great hypnotic voice.
Healing power of breath exercises above. Try the ‘insight timer’ app to give a bell every 6 seconds and breathe in and out to it for a few minutes a day. I really miss this when do not practice.
3. Be nice to your body. It feels like a war zone but needs to feel nurtured and loved in order to function well.
Inner smile (Taoist practice). Be loving and kind to your body by imagining you are meeting a friend and smiling. It is that easy and wonderful to soften and relax the body. Look on YTube for plenty of free guidance on this ancient Taoist practice.
Smile at yourself in the mirror. Yes really!! 20 times a day, if you want science this will produce happy hormones in your body, lift your mood and make you a much nicer person to be around. After years of teaching this it is always obvious to me when a client has practiced this exercise or not. This one will make you shine!
4. EXERCISE. Does not matter how much, even if all you can do is walk to the loo and back. Use it or lose it is the phrase to keep in mind here. If you do not move your body then the muscles will waste, you will stiffen up and guess what? A stiff body with atrophied muscles will hurt more.
Tai Chi, can be adapted to be done in a chair and the chi gung styles can be done with very little movement. Tai chi will relax, tone, bring flexibility, reduce stress, improve immune system and help prevent falls.
Walking. If you can then a stroll a day is a great way to keep in shape. If you cannot get up as often as you can and move about, for example use buttons on the tv not the remote to make yourself move about more.
5. Stroke yourself like a cat. So imagine a cat with its hair standing on end and stressed. This is your body. Gently stroke your body like petting a cat for 5 minutes night and morning, just up and down the arms will do. Touch soothes the nerves, quietens the mind and produces the happy hormones in your system to make life more bearable.
Get some me time with a therapist. Reflexology, healing and massage can all provide the essential nurturing  touch that your body desperately needs. If you would like to discuss your condition please give me a call or use the contact form.

5 Things chronic pain does to the body

What does chronic pain do to the body? And how can you help yourself (see next post)?

1. Puts up the stress levels increasing the fight or flight hormone response

2. Sets the ‘nerves on edge’, not wanting to be touched

3. The body becomes a hostile place, a battleground, something to fight not find pleasure in

4. Slows down digestion as part of the hormone response in 1.

5. Increases incidence of depression, feelings of anger and helplessness.


Healthy gut healthy life

The health of your gut.
Research is becoming popular on the link between the gut and many other health problems  – so what is it all about?

Gut Summary.

Your digestive system has lots of bacteria that helps digest food, hence the prevalence of pro biotic yoghurt and drinks to boost your natural system.

Research now shows that this bacteria is so important that it is the equivalent to having another major organ in the body, even the appendix has now changed from a useless organ to a repository of important bacteria.

The bacteria…..
Digests food
Produces essential body chemicals
Is a major component in depression
Is linked to brain degeneration in elderly
Is a component in autism

When the bacteria is out of balance then all sorts of medical conditions from MS, depression to autism are associated with this.

Cultures that have healthy gut bacteria have much lower rates of ‘western’ illnesses.

To find out more there are several books now published for the general public the book below is a good place to start.
“Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain – for Life”


Holistic therapies can help heal your body and get you in balance, always remember that this is your body and you are the king or queen of it! The commands made regarding food, drink

human gut
human gut