Pain Relief, Emmett, Massage, Reflexology and Healing

Zena Hayward

Hi , my name is Zena Hayward –
and am very lucky to do a job that I love – helping people to feel healthier and gain more enjoyment from life.

How I got started.

Discovered  essential oils in 1980’s and their healing applications and began using them. Had a reflexology session in  1991 with such a wonderful healing response that I booked on the next available course and became a reflexologist. At the same began time training in massage as a prequel to becoming a practitioner in  Aromatherapy.

With a love of learning going onto study………………….

  • Tai chi and Chi Gung with Colin Orr in Gorleston.
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Shiatsu at Zen Shiatsu school London
  • Reiki healing with various masters
  • Avanced Chi Gung with Taoist Master Kris North and Grandmaster Mantak Chia in London
  • Taosit Practice (Meditation, Tai Chi to level 4) with Kris North
  • Womens Taoist Practice with 'Jade Goddess' Saida Desiltes
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) with NLP Master Trainer Stephen Woolston
  • ENLP (energy healing with NLP) with Master NLP Trainer Art Giser in London
  • Advanced massage techniques with No Hands Massage Association

Advanced Massage Training

In 2010 I began training in the advanced form of massage known as ‘No Hands’ – using the soft part of the forearm and body weight to apply pressure.

This is a truly holistic massage with the practioner hyper aware of the client –  applying awareness of breath, muscles, nerves to ensure a truly harmonious session. This training has enabled me to work at many different depths and speeds, always adapting to the needs of the individual. In addition extra training in use of very deep pressure eg, safely using elbows for a therapeutic Deep Tissue massage.

My training includes working with pressure or acupuncture points throughout the body through different courses including Shiatsu, Chair Massage, Reflexology and No Hands Massage.



Treating children – all of my 4 children have had therapies from a very young age and have also treated children to help with ME and asthma.

8 years as therapist for Adult Social Services in Great Yarmouth, mostly elderly clients.

Clients were in very stressful situations and my experience also includes treating an impressively wide variety of health conditions and disabilities. This includes support to those who look after terminally ill loved ones, both during the illness and grieving process.

 The contract included people with:

Joint replacements
Polymyalgia Rheumatica
Congestive heart disease
Unstable diabetes and asthma
Paralysis due to brain haemorrhage
Cold hard muscles from broken bones

I am experienced in treating people in wheelchairs and bedridden.

On site therapist. Have worked with businesses including NHS providing both massage and reflexology for staff.

My training is ongoing as I love to learn and expand my knowledge.



Contact me to book a treatment through my

  • Contact Form or
  • Email
  • Land line 01493 732395

02 Maternity Reflexoloy Certificate


I hold practitioner certificates in the following:

  • Reflexology MAR Member of the Association of Reflexologists
  • Swedish Massage CIBTAC
  • Aromatherapy ITEC and ISPA (Credit)
  • Indian Head Massage IHBC
  • Practical Shiatsu Accredited practioner certificate
  • Chair Massage No Hands practioner certificate
  • Deep Tissue Massage No Hands
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practioner Richard Bandler approved
  • Energy Healing with NLP
  • Reiki Healing I II III
  • Cosmic Healing (a form of Chi Gung healing) Practioner and Instructor

Advanced Qualifications

Reiki Master and Advanced (Japanese Healing)
Cosmic Healing II (Chinese Chi Gung Healing)  (Instructor level)

Shamanic Practice, 2 years with Eagles Wing Centre (American Native Healing)

Energy Healing with NLP - 12 days intensive energy healing techniques levels 1 - 3 (attendance certificate no qualifications currently available)

No Hands Massage Immersion Year
No Hands Massage Mastery 1 year

No Hands Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

Multiple reflexology advanced training in specific areas e.g Reflexology for Back Pain, Chi Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology

HND Business Studies (Thames Valley University)

C&G 7307 Adult Education Teaching Certificate