Pain Relief, Emmett, Massage, Reflexology and Healing

Structural Massage


WD40 for the joints! Treat yourself to massage of light, medium or deep pressure with a focus on opening up and moving all the joint in the body.

  • Brings back flexibility to the spine
  • Mobilises the pelvis
  • Increases range of movement in the neck and shoulders
  • Relaxes and increases movement in the hip joints

You can expect to feel taller, lighter, more flexible, tight muscles relaxed and peaceful.

  • This treatment helps back pain bringing increased movement range and reduces pain levels in muscular pains.
  • Stiff with aches and pains, good for fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica, arthritis etc.
  • Effective for older people who want to maintain or improve mobility.

This treatment can be done very gently and therefore good if you are in pain and need to unwind without being ‘pulled around’.

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