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“I feel taller, more flexible and much more relaxed” (K 2015)

“My moods are more stable, far less spots and digestion is better” ( N 2015)

“My shoulders are looser and my arms feel much longer” (K 2015)

Downloadable pdf of my treatment leaflet below.
2015 Therapies leaflet Zena Hayward

Backache? Chronic Pain?
Accident or injury?
Side effects from medical treatment?


Holistic therapy research has been shown to relieve health problems and help people get back to health. Click on the links below or use the menu above to go to individual pages.



Massage is wonderful to relieve aches and pains, open up the joints and have you feeling relaxed and comfortable in your own body again. Aromatherapy to boost your health with plant extracts with the added bonus of a blissful massage. Deep tissue massage for those knots and tight muscles. Nurturing massage for a gentle treatment to soothe chronic pain and recovery from illness. For a full list of massage treatments check out my massage section.


Reflexology has had extensive research and is show to relieve the effects of chemotherapy, get constipation ‘moving along’ and too many benefits to list here. Feel like you are walking on cushions after a session and give your health a boost at the same time.


Healing, the deep chill out session, just lie back and receive as your energies are balanced and you go into a deeply relaxed state. For the more proactive work with guidance sending healing to your past hurts, release painful memories and bring blessings into your life.


Video of clients speaking about both massage and reflexology are provided here.


Testimonials from clients are both video and quotations and can be found here.


If you would like to discuss your choice of therapy to ensure your treatment is the most effective please contact me for a complementary phone consultation.


I look forward to working with you.


Blessings Zena.2015 Therapies leaflet Zena Hayward