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Reflexology sessions make me tingle!

Client feedback in the last two weeks has shown an increase in tingles!


Comments like sensations of ‘buzzing’, pins and needles and tingles in the body as I am working with both healing and reflexology.

What I am doing differently is practising Spring Forest Qigong daily and have noticed an instant difference in client feedback when they tell me what feels different after their sessions.

Clients have also given themselves permission to fully receive during the treatment session and set an intent or ‘how I would like to feel after’ for each session.

Link below to the Spring forest site for those who are interested in knowing more. This Qigong practice is one of the easiest I have ever come across and clearly describes the necessary steps and the benefits of practice. Highly recommended.

Spring Forest Qigong

Reflexology and massage help sleep

Research shows reflexology and massage improves sleep.

The Study (undertaken in Turkey). Summary.

105 patients having hemodialysis were treated with either reflexology or massage. Their fatigue/sleep patterns were assessed before and after the treatments were concluded.



Foot reflexology and back massage were shown to improve the sleep quality and reduce the fatigue of hemodialysis patients. Compared to back massage, foot reflexology was determined to be more effective.”

New testimonial back pain improves

Massage for a back injury

can be very beneficial, reducing the pain and improving movement. Before treating anyone with a back injury/pain there is a careful assessment to clarify the nature of the injury to ensure that I can improve and not irritate the injury. During the session clients and therapist will communicate regarding the depth of the ongoing massage.
If I have any concerns regarding the back pain clients will be advised to consult another professional and if appropriate a trip to A&E!