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When choclate is good for you – enjoy!

Dark choclate

Is chocolate ever a good thing?

Thanks to a reader to asked about chocolate as stress relief I have written this post for you all.

Like many things in life moderation is the key to a healthy long term  relationship with chocolate. It tastes wonderful and can improve even the worst day, so read on to find out how to treat yourself and be honestly kind to your body as well.

Coco beans contain Flavanols which are the main healthy component -so what will flavanols do?


  1. “Flavanols in cocoa beans have antioxidant effects that reduce cell damage implicated in heart disease”
  2. Flavanols reduce blood pressure (generally accepted by medical profession)
  3. and again – Flavanols improve vascular function (blood flow)
  4. Reduce risk of heart attack
  5. Reduce risk of stroke
  6. Reduced risk of diabetes
  7. Improve cognitive function (research with forgetful elderly people)
  8. One study found regular chocolate eaters (5 days per week) had lower BMI than non or sporadic chocolate eaters

Beans in the Bar

The key component is in the coco bean which means that in order for chocolate to be a good thing you need alot of the bean in the bar. White and milk chocolate just do not make the grade, bean content must be 65% or higher – some say that the bean should be 80% to get enough of the good stuff.

How can you then force this healthy option into your diet? Ok I know this is hard so some suggestions are below…….

Suggested dosage of chocolate and how to take it

Dosage? Keep it small and again suggestions vary, a high 85% bean bar with one square a day is a good place to start.

Make your own hot chocolate from real coco powder and keep it strong – lots of sugar and milk are not helpful!

Sprinkle coco powder onto breakfast cereal – avoid sugar laden shop bought varieties

Stir some coco into coffee or add it to the cafetiere, forget shop sprinkles use the real stuff

Grate dark chocolate onto ice cream or yoghurt


Add your own comments for use of chocolate and remember – keep it DARK


Tea tree in flower

Acne and Aromatherapy

Acne is a common and unsightly skin condition, so how can aromatherapy work?


  • The essential oils are antiseptic and anti inflammatory – after all they are the plant’s medical centre!
  • Used daily I have found them to be as effective as prescription creams
  • They smell good – always nice to have around


Oils to use.

Lavender is popular however some people will have a breakout from using lavender ………………….

Tea Tree very antiseptic and has a very strong smell , good for infected acne

Ravensara similar to tea tree and with a more subtle fragrance, can be used neat on the skin

Geranium – great for the skin

Lemon – lovely smell and only use when not going into the sun for a few days as this will make your skin burn easily (photo toxic). Use organic as citrus are one of the most highly sprayed fruits on the essential oil market.


With all oils the key is to find a balance between what works for the individual and how they react to the smell. My son is fine with lavender oil and will happily splash it on neat but does not like other more woody oils. If you react to lavender do not use it try ravensara instead.

Simply put the essential oils into a base cream (simple lotion or E45) or oil (not baby oil, try coconut) and apply twice daily.

Any questions – contact me or leave a message below…



1 Easy way to have a happier life and lift depression

This tip is so simple! When working with clients the difference is very clear between those to practice this exercise and those who do not.

Practice this easy exercise and:-

You will look ‘brighter’ to other people

You will smile more easily

Adrenalin production is reduced – stress levels down, hooray!

Happy endorphins are produced – free happy drugs.


This tip is – SMILE at yourself 20 times a day in a mirror.

Easy easy. Just catch your own eye in a mirror and smile at yourself as though meeting someone you like.


Research done in Europe (that I cannot find anywhere, saw this research in another persons paper) showed that this practice is as effective in relieving symptoms of mid to mild depression as drugs.

5 things a regular massage will do

5 things a regular massage will do


1. your muscles will vibrate in a harmonious way similar to the resonance of a tuning fork.

2. immune function is improved – less colds and bugs.

3. deeper more nourishing sleep.

4. texture and tone of muscles is more flexible and softer.

5. get you a discount – most therapists offer a discount for regular and reliable clients.