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Bergamot oil

I love Bergamot oil!

Citrus bergamia

Depression lifter Bergamot esential oil
Bottle of bergamot oil and fruit

This is a very ‘happy’ oil one of the best mood lifters in the aromatherapy kingdom.

Historically used for solders in WW1 suffering from shell shock it was found to be beneficial in treating the condition now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This oil is generally available in shops and inexpensive.




Citrus oils tend to be photo toxic which means that if you put it on your skin then go out into the sun skin will BURN!! In the 1980’s bergamot was used in sun creams to make the skin go brown quicker and this was stopped due to the danger of burning which can lead to skin cancer.


Use this oil on a tissue and put into your room. The oil is quite volatile so it will evaporate easily into the air and you will breathe it in.


Use this oil for a pick me up, for meditation and to ‘lift’ the mood of a room.

Excellent for nervous tension and stress of any kind.

Skin care – acne, cold sores eczema, psoriasis….

Sore throats, tonsillitis

Colds fevers and infections…


Blends well with….

Chamomile, cypress, geranium, lavender, lemon,  jasmine, orange blossom (neroli).


Beautiful Bergamot
Uplifting bergamot













Post Concussion Syndrome



Post concussion is a head injury – often minor, that can cause swelling of the brain and neurological problems.  I know alot about this due to a car crash involving repeated blows to the head as the car rolled, brain swelling followed and my ability to function ground to a halt.


The good news is that after several years and many different treatments I am greatly improved and symptoms much reduced.


Common symptoms of PCS

  • Headache (check for Post concussion migraine a very under diagnosed condition)
  • Dizziness (check for inner ear damage)
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory loss
  • Exhaustion (can be diagnosed as ME)
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Inability to read a book or learn new skills
  • Uncoordinated
  • Feeling ‘spaced out’


What can help?

This is what has helped me over the years and I have listed some freely available stuff as well

  1. Meditate to improve the concentration. Try out YTube and look for guided meditation and ‘brainwave’ type meditations which are passive to listen to and demand less from a tender brain. YouTube video below.
  2. Relax, relax, relax.  The brain is irritated and the nerves in the body tend to go the same way. An increase in stress hormones from the condition make it difficult for your body to heal and can increase the risk of depression. So go for warm baths, soothing music and anything that chills you out……
  3. Exercise. Yes I know exhaustion etc. So by exercise I mean do what you can as this is a very big ‘Use it or Lose it’ area. Look for some exercises to be done in a chair keeping the head upright if you are very unable. Look for simple Chi Gung exercises on Ytube such as the one below. YouTube video below.
  4. Treat for shock. I take Bach Rescue Remedy which is a flower essence remedy treating injury and shock. This is easily available or an equivalent in eg Australia. Look for rescue remedy on Google. Ok for long term use and not expensive.
  5. Take homeopathic Arnica, again a remedy for shock and injury. Ok for long term use and not expensive.
  6. Have complementary therapies to improve general health.  Will also treat any remaining injury and help healing.



Passive meditation / hypnosis Dick Sutphen (zapper)

8 Strands of Silk Brocade Qi Gong

Paul McKenna improving learning hypnosis video.

Inner smile meditation. (Really easy on the brain !)


Green Tips for pregnant women

Natural skin care
Safe for baby

Scare stories for pregnant women to avoid many products leave many with no idea what to use instead.

Read on for some easy tips on products that are easily available and green to use.




For the skin instead of chemical based creams.

Moisturizer . Coconut oil.

Easily available from local health shops and on the internet (I recommend ebay shop UK Freshskin for organic cold pressed coconut oil). There is a wealth of information on this wonderful oil on the internet and in books. It is a very ‘light’ oil that sinks into the skin leaving it smooth and supple without any greasy residue, wonderful for aromatherapy as it carries the essential oils into the skin so well.


Oil for use under makeup – makeup primer.

As a skin cream – keeps wrinkles at bay and feeds the skin. Coconut has the same saturated oils as human breast milk and is highly compatible with the natural chemical balance of the body. It is ok for use under make up foundations – just check that your foundation is oil, wax or silicone based as a water base foundation will be repelled by oil. To check put a dab of foundation on your palm and add a few drips of water – if they repel each other then the foundation is not water based.


Another option is to use Jojoba oil (actually a wax). Wonderful on and into the skin this oil is light and easily absorbed. Again easily available online and in shops, more expensive than coconut oil.


Use scrub instead of shower gels.


Make your own body scrubs up by grinding up some dried pulses/beans in a coffee grinder, remember to stop and start avoiding overheating the motor. Keep going until you get a powder and it feels smooth rather than lumpy and scratchy on the skin.

Zena’s Luxury herby body scrub.

Makes one jam jar of scrub

3/4 mug of any dried beans, lentils or rice

1/2 mug of herb

Herb 1 Lavender from the garden

Herb 2 Chamomile (from market in Norwich .70 per 30g)

Herb 3 Peppermint (again bought loose from Norwich market)


You do not need alot of scrub. If your skin is very dry tap out the scrub into a bowl then add 10ml  oil so that as you scrub the oil is going into the skin.



Deodorant natural


There are natural salt stones to rub into the underarm and neutralize any bacterial growth. Available at health shops, online and in some supermarkets there are many on the market. Google for ‘deodorant stone’. Do check that the stone does not contain any chemicals or metals.